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Amalia Meliti

R+F Independent Consultant

201 320 2508
My favorite products:
REDEFINE Night Renewing Serum and
ENHANCEMENTS Micro-Dermabrasion Paste Packets

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My Story

 Hello, and thank you for visiting my Rodan + Fields site. After graduating from New York University in 1999, I began working in the PR/Marketing field. My specialization has always been in the travel, lifestyle, beauty, health and wellness field. In 2007, I was at the top of my game managing multi-million dollar accounts that required intense travel earning a six-figure salary. After the birth of my child in 2009, I took a back seat in my career and decided to do freelance projects because the travel became overwhelming and the demands were extreme.  With the economic downturn still effecting millions of Americans, I too started to feel the effects. I went from making great money to making practically nothing.  The freelance projects became a few and apart, and I just knew I needed something else that I could build upon that could bring me at least some steady income. So this past summer my son and I were sitting outside a local deli enjoying a nice lunch in the sun when a mom and her daughter sat near us. The kids started to play together and we (mommies) started talking. As any woman would do, we asked each other questions, and then we started talking about beauty, skin, etc...and it was an immediate connection!  She began to tell me  a little bit about the R + F products, and handed me a sample. After a few days, I ordered my very first regimen. After a month or so, I noticed my skin changing.  I started to feel a little more confident because friends and family were complimenting my looks!  I knew right away that this company had serious potential and wanted to share the good news. So then I got a call from my now friend/sponsor inviting me to attend meetings about the R + F business. Once I learned about the possibilities, I took the plunge. I figured the worst thing that could happen to me is that I would have incredible skin! So here I am, six months since my first R + F experience, and extremely excited to be part of this growing business community.  Not only does it allow me the flexibility to juggle both family and work life, it has also forged great friendships along the way. I no longer have to worry about leaving my Save Story family for work. I can literally be there for them 24/7, while helping others change their skin and change their lives. I hope you will enjoy the skincare lines as much as I have.

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